Your Empowered Auction House


  • Auction Types

    Traditional Onsite Auctions. Timed Online Auctions. Live Online Auctions with Video and Audio. Simulcast Auctions, a combination of Traditional Auctions and Simulcast Auctions.
    Standard terms and conditions

  • Asset Types

    Automobiles, Aviation, Marine, Immovable Property, Wildlife and Livestock

  • Asset Management and Logistics

    Our premises allow us to conveniently service the broader Gauteng area and beyond. With some 6000 square meters of storage facility and 600 square meters of office space, we are well-equipped to professionally and efficiently store any category of movable asset for our clients. We have, 24-hour security service as well as comprehensive insurance cover so our clients may rest assured that their assets are fully protected.

    We have provision for additional premises available in : Durban, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit, East London, Rustenburg, Cape Town and Kimberly.

  • Marketing

    We make use of the proven tried and tested methods which have served the industry well over time. However, our core expertise lies within the bounds of auctioning and as such we have appointed a well-versed professional agency to advise our clients on the merits of the vast marketing tools that exist. The costs of marketing assets are exceptionally high, and we are conscious of finding the best economical solution for the creditors. Electronic media in its many forms have provided us with the ammunition to capture the right market sector in its entirety, whether it is national or international. We focus on, but not limited to :
    1. Online Social Media & Advertising
    2. SMS & Email
    3. Print Media (Newspaper & Street Pole Ads) and various other platforms

  • Valuation and Appraisals

    We have registered Valuators for all Property & Movables valuations for banks, Municipalities, Government, Private Sector Clients, SOE's and Mines to assist with appraisals and valutation of their assets.